‘Vagabond’ artists seek home



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Show up if you want to grow

There are anywhere from a half-dozen to a dozen or more art openings and events in Birmingham each week, with many more happening throughout the state within an easy drive. We have numerous art-spaces, pop-ups, galleries, and other art organizations constantly hosting exhibitions, residencies, classes, and studio spaces throughout the year. We can always use more opportunities and any efforts to support the existing community are most welcome, but I have to wonder how much effort these folks made to find out what was happening in the art scene before they declared it a "ghost-town"? That's not the Birmingham I live in.

Paul Barrett more than 1 year ago


Hey Paul! I'm always happy to see you at openings around town. When I moved back to Birmingham last year after being gone for years, you were the first person I met at the first art opening I attended. I'll never forget that! I ventured over to this page today to copy the url and just saw your comment.

We love the art happening here (although I wish that I could attend more events personally... darned late night teaching schedule and overall low-income gig economy lifestyle). I think what Ryan was referring to when he waxed poetic about the "ghost town" feel of Birmingham is that it's not 100% developed and oversaturated like New York, Chicago, etc. There's actually physical space to make art here. That's one of the reasons why Birmingham is such an attractive place to make a life/career as an artist. As for "Wild West"? Well... hopefully Birmingham is the Wild Southeast :)

Thanks again to Jesse Chambers for taking interest in what we're doing! Living in Birmingham is like waking up to a big hug every morning.

Melissa R Yes 318 days ago