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Thank you, Carl!

What a wonderful tribute to my old Florala classmate and dearest friend, Carl Stewart. Carl and I were in virtually every play ever produced in Florala in the late 50's. Our final theatrical contribution to the artistic life (such as it was) in Florala, was the 1960 the high school production of "Around the World in 80 Days" at Covington County High School. I think that show must have given Carl the vision and stamina to persist over the years and then to bring it all to bear on the wonderful TNT legacy in Birmingham. To even think about mounting such an ambitious production on a stage hardly large enough to park a few cars, was beyond anyone's expectation. Carl and I played the two leading male roles and the show had an extended run, too. Thank you Carl, for your friendship, and all of the wonderful memories over the past half-century!

Jim Yeaman more than 3 years ago