Brandon McCall: back home and finding his role(s)



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I want to commend you for following your dreams. I have a son that has your first and last name, but first name is spelled differently. Back to the issue; I was told years ago that I would not be a lawyer, and I felt the same way you did. I was even more determined to live out my God given dream. I have been a lawyer for over 29 years now. With God all things are possible. I would love to come see you perform. Keep on believing and achieving !!!

Roz more than 3 years ago

Truly Grateful!

Thank you Tara Massouleh and Iron City Ink for an awesome and well written article. It is truly an honor to be featured in July's issue.

Just one correction...I am an alumnus of P.D. Jackson-Olin High School.

I wish you well with your future endeavours and look forward to collaborating again.


Brandon A. McCall (BAM)

Brandon A. McCall more than 4 years ago