Owners of Shoppe to expand into old Silvertron space



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Wedding reception

Dear Jay and Mark,
I’m sorry, I know one of you ...
But I’m not sure which one.
My son is getting married next spring at Avondale ..? I have forgotten what it’s called. It’s a charming building in the park . The bride to be is French and will be moving here. My son thinks they should have millions of sun flowers. I know that you will love the space if you haven’t seen it. If you go by, do peek in the windows and walk around to the back where there is a wonderful curved brick balcony overlooking the woods.there is also a fireplace.the windows are beautiful. Anyway, I told Shaun about you and your restaurant and thought he should talk to you about the reception. They don’t have a lot of money but still would like to see what you might suggest if you can do this. There will be about 25 to 30 probably.Maybe by spring you will be doing small receptions.
Of course, your shop is my favorite place in all of Birmingham. If you can do this it would be perfect I am sure.

Lillian sharp more than 1 year ago