Photo courtesy of Women United.

The basket of toilet paper, oven mitts and aluminum foil meant so much to Lolita Stephens. Read more

East Lake

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Ali Renckens

This month, Rickwood Field, which the National Park Service identifies as the oldest baseball park in America, turns 106 years old. Read more


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Photo Ali Renckens.

Co-workers Rylee Foster, Vicki Clark and Morgan Turner came to the Birmingham Museum of Art on their lunch break. Read more

Central City

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Ali Renckens

Nintendo launched the Pokemon Go app in mid-July, prompting players, “Pokemon trainers,” to explore new areas to find Pokestops and capture the fictional creatures. Read more

B'ham Bizarre


Artist’s rendering courtesy of Bomasada.

When Metropolitan Apartments in Lakeview opens, it will be the completion of a project John Gilbert has been looking forward to for more than 30 years. Read more