Photo courtesy of Vinegar.

While Vinegar wants to stay in touch with its nomadic roots, two of the original founders — Melissa Robert Yes and Ann Trondson — have now obtained two brick-and-mortar spaces. Read more

Forest Park

Space One Eleven art classes

Courtesy of Space One Eleven

During the art classes, students “are given the time, materials and motivation to pursue creative problems, learn to work cooperatively and practice flexibility," SOE co-founder and CEO Peter Prinz said. Read more



Photo by Alyx Chandler.

When people ask painter John Lytle Wilson what he is known for, he smiles. “Monkeys and robots,” he says. Read more



Photo by Erin Nelson.

Murals, along with other street art, have become increasingly popular around the world in recent years, due in part to omnipresent cell-phone cameras and the use of social media to share the images. Birmingham is no exception. Read more


Vinegar Arts Group

Courtesy of Vinegar Arts Group

Birmingham arts collective Vinegar searching for a brick-and-mortar facility Read more

Faces 2 Comments


Photo by Alyx Chandler

Local artist Becky Denny creates one-of-a-kind mixed-media memories. Read more



Photos by Kamp Fender

Twenty-year Birmingham resident Debra Riffe keeps a 10-foot-long burlap bag at her home with her, as a reminder of who her great-grandfather was and how picking cotton affected his life and the lives of those around him. Read more


A recent recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, visual artist Amy Pleasant achieved a life goal. Read more



Photo by Alyx Chandler

Studio 2500's 'Identities' series will be tonight from 7-9 p.m. Read more



Photo courtesy of Edward Badham.

Magic City Art Connection will again take up residence at Linn Park on the final weekend of April as it celebrates its 35th year of presenting art, music and food to the city of Birmingham. Read more


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Fleming is most known for one of Birmingham's iconic pieces of art — the "Storyteller fountain" in Five Points, which was installed in 1992 and features a ram-headed man peacefully reading a book to several sculptures of animals. Read more



Photo by Alyx Chandler.

On the last Friday of each month, a crowd of artists and locals gather for what in the last year has transformed into an increasingly popular night of mingling for the creative community. Read more


We aren't Disposable - 10.jpg

Alyx Chandler

The exhibit opening, which took place Friday, Nov. 10, the day before National Homeless Awareness week, was meant to shed light and start conversations about the people who are homeless in the city of Birmingham. Read more



Photo by Jesse Chambers.

New York visual artist David Sandlin is exhibiting two major series of work at the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts at UAB through Aug. 20. Read more

Neck of the Woods


Photo courtesy of Laura Monroe.

Birmingham Museum of Art’s Graham C. Boettcher curates national treasures. Read more


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Alyx Chandler

The Magic City Art Connection brought over 200 artists to Linn Park in downtown Birmingham from Friday, April 28, to Sunday, April 30. Read more



Photos courtesy of Birmingham Museum of Art.

With retirement ahead, Gail Andrews reflects on time at Birmingham Museum of Art. Read more

, Happenings

ICI HAPPS Magic City Art Connection1.jpg

Photos courtesy of Charity Ponter.

Magic City Art Connection ushers in 34th year with April 28-30 festival. Read more


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Alyx Chandler

On Saturday, March 11, thousands of people gathered at the Birmingham Museum of Art to celebrate the Seventh Annual Holi Festival. Read more



Courtesy of Kirby Whitehead.

The local floral designer, who previously had a shop in Pepper Place, will be holding a book signing A'mano on March 9 for her new book, "Fresh." Read more