Local experts discuss unemployment benefits, SBA loans



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You left out some key information

1) Have you talked to a small business that has tried to apply for this payment protection loan?
The banks have no resources at this time to start processes this loan.
2) In order to qualify for the loan you must keep you present payroll at 90%. How are we going to pay our employees without the money from the loan?
3) Have you tried to apply for unemployment? It is a complete nightmare. They are not able to process the amount of applicants that they have at this point and then to promise them an extra $600 a week from the federal government. The unemployment office does not have extra money sitting around so until the federal government comes up with guidelines on how to distribute this extra money there is no extra money!!
4) Small business will not be able to stay in business because by the time the banks gets the guidelines to distribute the loans we will be 4 pay periods in debt!!
I could go on and on but it seems to me you should talk to a small business owner before you buy into the fact that there is an endless amount of money that is being given out!!!!!

John 179 days ago